Loving Hands In Motion, Inc. (LHIM) began in 2013 with the love of Eve Carmona and her two sisters, Dianne and Jenny. Growing up the sisters served their community by volunteering and providing support to those in need. The idea grew into a non-profit organization that now strives to empower communities to live an empowering lifestyle.

Loving Hands In Motion (LHIM) is a family-based, community outreach charity organization that strives to empower communities to live an empowering lifestyle. The primary mission is to provide helpful resources to communities for a better tomorrow through community engagement, coaching, workshops, networking, and personal development training. 

We place special focus on working alongside youth because, provided with the proper resources, they have the power to change the world.


LHIM In Action...

Check out some of our Board Members in action (Minute 5:48)

Las Vegas Shooting Fundraiser (Minute 4:30)